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Calcium chloride dihydrate
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Calcium chloride dihydrate

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    Product description
    Product properties
    Dihydrate photosphere calcium chloride is easily soluble in water, and the dihydrate compound becomes anhydrous compound after being heated to lose water.  CaCl2 main purpose Calcium chloride has the characteristics of exothermic heat, low freezing point of the aqueous solution, strong moisture absorption, poor corrosion to metals, and speeding up the condensation of organic polymer substances.
    Main feature
    1) Powerful moisture absorption, deodorization, and can be used as a desiccant.
    2) Purified air: This product contains natural activated carbon, and its adsorption capacity for harmful gases is 6 times that of ordinary dehumidification boxes.
    3) Powerful water absorption: This product uses powerful water-absorbing materials, which has large water absorption and strong continuity.
    The main purpose
    1) Dihydrate photosphere calcium chloride is used to make moisture-proof boxes. By absorbing moisture in the air, it destroys the damp environment of items, so that molds cannot absorb moisture and lose their existing conditions. At the same time, the mold-proof particles of this product can inhibit the growth of molds. .
    2) It is used to make desiccant to eliminate moisture and moisture, absorb indoor water vapor, and keep the air dry to avoid moisture and mildew due to excessive indoor water vapor. The following are the indicators of dihydrate spherical calcium chloride of Weifang Haizhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.: The company's dihydrate spherical calcium chloride (flaky, spherical, powdered and anhydrous calcium chloride of various specifications), the production equipment is pure stainless steel equipment , The content is greater than 74%, no impurities, bright white color, soluble in water, clear, colorless and tasteless. Colorless cubic crystal, highly hygroscopic, easy to deliquesce when exposed to the air.
    Mainly used
    1. Remove moisture from humid places such as wardrobes, drawers, shoe cabinets, bookcases, storage boxes, and musical instruments.
    2. Placed indoors, can effectively prevent high-end wooden furniture, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, electronic products, etc. from re-moisture and mold.
    3. Absorb harmful gas molecules such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.

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