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Industry background analysis
Companies in the chemical industry mainly add value to the raw materials (soda ash, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride) through physical or chemical processing of raw materials such as mixing, separating, crushing, and heating. At present, the chemical industry is one of the basic industries of China’s national economy. After more than 50 years of development, it has covered organic chemical raw materials, inorganic chemical raw materials, petroleum and products, resins, chemical fibers, additives, daily chemicals, reagents, Dyestuffs, pigments, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, inks, plastics and products, rubber and products, glass and products, alcohol, cement and many other fields are closely related to human production and living resources.
• Industry characteristics
The chemical industry has its unique characteristics: high energy consumption, large waste, rapid technological innovation, and great development potential. On the one hand, the chemical industry has a large production capacity and output base, relatively low production costs, large market potential, and advantages of market localization; on the other hand, the chemical industry has backward production technology, small and scattered production scale, insufficient financial strength, and scientific research Weak innovation ability, marketing network has not been fully established
• Scientific and professional management occupy China's high-end chemical market
――Adopt process route and formula management
Process management is set up under the process route, and formula management not only represents the component ratio of the product, but also represents the production cost of the unit product.
――Flexible production plan
The production plan is made quarterly and at the end of the month to ensure the flexibility of planned maintenance, which can be maintained according to the order or according to the market and inventory conditions.
――Concise workshop management
The equipment and personnel of the workshop are rationalized, and the material picking, feeding and controlling the production process are mainly carried out according to the plan to ensure the efficient output of products.
――The production adopts batch control management
Perform batch control and management of various co-products, by-products, waste products, reflows, etc. generated during the production process. That is to say, different batches of raw materials will correspondingly produce products and co-products of different batches and different qualities. According to the inspection standards of different products, they correspond to their own batch numbers for batch management.
――Device management
Equipment management is essential for the chemical industry to ensure production, improve productivity and product quality. Through effective equipment management, it is possible to ensure a reasonable reserve of spare parts and spare parts, extend the service life of the equipment and increase the utilization rate of the equipment.
――Package management
In view of the different shapes of raw materials and products, such as gas, liquid, powder, etc., and the characteristics of toxic and odor, strict management of the packaging materials used. It can be managed separately according to the purpose of the package, or it can be managed according to its material form.
• Let consumers fall in love with Xinkang’s brand value
A person without a soul cannot have a successful and beautiful life. Similarly, a brand cannot grow into a strong brand without a clear core value. The core task of brand management is to clearly plan and outline the core value of the brand, and in the next ten, twenty, or even hundreds of years of brand building, we must unswervingly adhere to this core value. In order to create a strong brand.
Weifang Xinkang Chemical has always adhered to the creed that "getting a customer is not easy, losing a customer is easy", and strictly requires every business person to use corporate reputation and high-quality products to truly build their brand value and increase user experience sense. We are always looking for customers who are in love with our brand concept and positioning, establish a relationship like marriage, and achieve a win-win goal together.
• Quality
Xinkang always strictly controls quality, because today's quality determines tomorrow's market. For customers to recognize our brand for a long time, product quality must be excellent. Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, the foundation of development, and the guarantee of success. The company wins customers and markets by relying on excellent quality.
•  Win-win view
To help customers is to help ourselves, and seeking a win-win situation is our unremitting goal. Xinkang people always insist on advancing and retreating with our partners, always keeping in mind the value of "customer first" and deepening the awareness of market orientation.
• Team view
"There is no perfect individual, only perfect team". No matter how good people are, they are only lone heroes if they are separated from the team. Our lofty dreams must be realized by a strong team. We believe that everyone can become a talent and are happy to provide a platform for everyone to grow, including the opportunity to learn from mistakes.
• moral principle
Lao Zi said that "goodness is like water" and "the road is natural." Chinese entrepreneurs and managers should have the courage and ability to re-define "wealth", which is a high degree of unity of "words and deeds", "brand and brand", "righteousness and profit", and "dao and virtue". Xinkang promotes: Be a man first, then do things.
• Integrity
Trust comes from honesty, honesty creates the future. People do not stand without integrity, industry does not thrive without integrity, and a country without integrity is not strong. For company operators in a market economy, they should adhere to the principles of honesty and credibility in any transaction and under any circumstances. Xinkang is willing to work with you to create a better life by winning trust in business, protecting rights by law in consumption, and peace in society.

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