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Anhydrous powdered calcium chloride
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Anhydrous powdered calcium chloride

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    Product description
    Basic Information
    Calcium chloride, a salt composed of chlorine and calcium, with the chemical formula CaCl2. Colorless cubic crystals, white or off-white, granular, honeycomb block, spherical, irregular granular, powder. Slightly toxic, odorless, slightly bitter taste. It is a typical ionic halide, a white solid at room temperature. It is highly hygroscopic and easily deliquescent when exposed to the air. It is easily soluble in water and emits a lot of heat at the same time. Its aqueous solution is slightly alkaline.
    According to content: 94% anhydrous and 74% dihydrate
    Classified by purpose: industrial grade and food grade
    Anhydrous: granules, flakes (less), powder, anhydrous spunlace balls (for dehumidification bags)
    Dihydrate: granules, powder, flakes, dihydrate photosphere (dehumidification box)
    Two water powder, flakes have food grade
    Packing: Inner plastic outer woven packing, 25KG, generally English neutral packing
    Calcium chloride national standard GB/T26520-2011
    1. Petroleum drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration fluid.
    2. Desiccant, such as for the drying of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases.
    3. Snow melting agent, using calcium chloride to melt heat and low freezing point as a road deicing agent and snow melting agent
    4. Dehydrating agent, used as dehydrating agent when producing alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic resin.
    5. Refrigerant, calcium chloride aqueous solution is an important refrigerant for refrigerators and ice making,
    6. Antifreeze can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of construction mortar. It is an excellent antifreeze for construction.
    7. Early-strength agent: early-strength agent in the construction industry, to improve the strength of concrete, as a coagulant for life coatings
    8. Dust collector, used as antifogging agent in ports, road dust collector and fabric fire retardant.
    9. Refining agent, used as protective agent and refining agent in aluminum-magnesium metallurgy.
    10. Precipitating agent is a precipitating agent for the production of lake pigments.
    11. Coagulant: inorganic chemical raw material and sulfate radical remover in the chemical industry, sodium alginate
    12. Coagulant: latex coagulant in the rubber industry.
    13. Used in the production of pigments and printing and dyeing industries.
    14. Used for waste paper processing and deinking.
    15. It is the raw material for the production of calcium salt.
    16. Used as calcium fortifier, curing agent, chelating agent and desiccant in the food industry.
    17. The aquaculture industry is used to supplement calcium for aquatic organisms.

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