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Magnesium chloride hexahydrate (white tablets)
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Magnesium chloride hexahydrate (white tablets)

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    Product description
    Basic use
    1. It is an important inorganic raw material in the chemical industry, used to produce magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide and other magnesium products, and also used as a raw material for antifreeze.
    2. Used in the metallurgical industry to produce metallic magnesium (prepared by fusion electrolysis), liquid chlorine and high-purity magnesia.
    3. In the building materials industry, it is the production of light building materials such as fiberglass tiles, decorative panels, sanitary ware, ceilings, floor tiles, magnesia cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft manhole covers, fire doors and windows, fire boards, partition walls, artificial marble, etc. An important raw material for high-rise building supplies. In the magnesite products, it can be made of high-quality magnesium tiles, high-quality fire-proof boards, magnesium packaging boxes, magnesium decoration boards, lightweight wallboards, abrasive tools, stoves, fireworks fixing agents, etc.
    4. In other fields, it can be used as food additives, protein coagulants, snow melting agents, refrigerants, dustproof agents, refractory materials, etc. Tofu made with brine (magnesium chloride aqueous solution) is tenderer and more delicious than tofu made with gypsum
    5. Metallurgical industry: used to manufacture refractory materials and adhesives for furnace arms, and is the raw material for manufacturing No. 2 flux and smelting metal magnesium.
    6. Machinery industry: In daily life, magnesia can be used to make mechanical packaging boxes, triangular cushions and furniture, etc. It is a good material for "substituting soil for materials".
    7. Transportation industry: used as a road ice and snow melting agent. It has a fast deicing speed and is less corrosive to vehicles, which is higher than the effect of sodium chloride.
    8. Medicine: It can be used for medicinal purposes by using magnesium chloride to make "halogen dry". Can be used as a laxative.
    9. Agriculture: can be used as magnesium fertilizer, potassium magnesium fertilizer and cotton defoliant.
    10. Curing agent; nutrition enhancer; taste agent (combined with magnesium sulfate, salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium sulfate, etc.); fermentation promoter for sake, etc.; water remover (for fish cakes, the amount is 0.05%~ 0.1%); tissue improver (used in combination with polyphosphates as an elasticity enhancer for surimi products). Because of the strong bitterness, the usual amount is less than 0.1%
    Technical index
    It can be obtained by refining magnesium ore to obtain magnesium oxide or magnesium carbonate and react with hydrochloric acid. Industrial magnesium chloride is mostly produced by evaporation and purification of seawater, salt lake and salt well water to produce magnesium chloride hexahydrate. These resources are abundant and cheap, and some industrial by-products are purified, such as the by-product of replacing titanium metal in brine. After purification, anhydrous magnesium chloride is obtained.

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