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Anhydrous magnesium sulfate
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Anhydrous magnesium sulfate

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    Product description
    Product description
    Magnesium sulfate is also used as a bath salt. Magnesium sulfate, or anhydrous magnesium sulfate, is a compound containing magnesium. Anhydrous magnesium sulfate is a commonly used chemical reagent and drying reagent, but magnesium sulfate often refers to magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, which is white, small, slant or Oblique columnar crystals, odorless and bitter industrial grade magnesium sulfate are often used in industries such as leather making, fertilizers, paper making, porcelain, printing dyes, and lead-acid batteries. Magnesium sulfate can be used as a bath salt just like other minerals such as potassium, calcium, amino acid salt and silicate.
    Product parameter
    Product Usage
    (1) It is used for printing and dyeing thin cotton cloth, as a weighting agent for cotton and silk, as a filler for kapok products; as a coloring salt for blue dyes, and as an alkali absorbent in black liquor to achieve uniform dyeing;
    (2) Used for making grass, fertilizer, porcelain, paint, matches and fireproof materials;
    (3) The microbial industry is used as a medium component, as an additive for brewing, to supplement the magnesium in the brewing water, and as a nutrient source during fermentation;
    (4) Used as a filler in the leather industry to enhance heat resistance;
    (5) Used as a stabilizer for producing fresh yeast, monosodium glutamate and dicalcium phosphate in toothpaste production in light industry;
    (6) Coagulant for cement;
    (7) It is also used in the pulp industry, rayon and silk fabric industry.
    Health hazards: The dust of this product has a stimulating effect on mucous membranes, and long-term exposure can cause respiratory tract inflammation. If taken by mistake, it has catharsis effect. If there is renal dysfunction, it can cause magnesium poisoning, causing stomach pain, vomiting, watery diarrhea, collapse, difficulty breathing, cyanosis, etc.
    Environmental hazards: Harmful to the environment and may cause pollution to water bodies.
    Explosion hazard: This product is non-flammable and irritating.
    Others: The substance is harmful to the environment, and special attention should be paid to the pollution of water bodies.
    Risk term
    Danger sign: R36/37/38
    Storage and transportation characteristics
    The packaging should be complete when shipping, and the loading should be secure. During transportation, ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall, or be damaged. Mixed shipment and transportation with oxidants and edible chemicals are strictly prohibited. Avoid exposure to the sun, rain, and high temperature during transportation. The vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned after transportation. When transporting by road, follow the prescribed route.

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