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Soft water salt (powder ball)
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Soft water salt (powder ball)

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    Product description
    Basic Information
    Soft water salt, also known as ion exchange resin regeneration agent. Its main chemical component is sodium chloride (NaCl), the content is above 99.5%, and the general shape is pellets.
    There are many kinds of water treatment methods, but the most important, most advanced and most suitable water treatment technology is ion exchange technology. All ion exchange resins in advanced water purifiers are usually sulfonate type sodium ion exchange resins. After the raw water to be treated passes through the resin, harmful impurity ions (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium and Mg ions) in the water can be adsorbed in the resin to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. With the increase of water treatment capacity, more and more impurities are adsorbed, and the adsorption capacity of the resin will gradually decrease. To remove the impurities adsorbed by the resin (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium Mg ions), sodium ions (Na) are needed. By backwashing, the impurity ions absorbed by the resin (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium Mg ions) are replaced by ion exchange to restore the adsorption capacity of the ion exchange resin. This process is also called ion exchange resin regeneration.
    Benefits of soft water
    1. The boiling water will no longer scale, and the electric thermos can be used with confidence;
    2. The ice cubes made are crystal clear and have no peculiar smell;
    3. Soft water bath, skin is delicate and smooth;
    4. The shower nozzle will never be blocked, and the high-end bathroom will always keep its luster;
    5. Wash clothes with soft water, bid farewell to softener, soft and fluffy;
    6. Independent heating without scaling, high thermal efficiency and safety;
    7. Use soft water for daily life, save a lot of washing supplies and save time for housework.
    Soft water salt characteristics
    1. The purity of salt is as high as 99.5%
    2. Hard objects, stolen objects and sediments make the best water softeners scale,
    3. The shape of the soft water salt is consistent, no bridges, no lumps, to ensure the quality and efficiency of the soft water:
    4. The soft water salt is added with special additives, the ability to remove iron ions is 6 times that of ordinary salt, and it is highly effective in protecting equipment.
    5. After a special formula, the performance is better than any other soft water salt. It can double the impurities in the water, and its water softening capacity is 2 times higher than other soft water salts. It can improve the efficiency of the water softener, reduce maintenance, and extend the life of the water softener.

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