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Sodium carbonate decahydrate
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Sodium carbonate decahydrate

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    Product description
    Basic Information
    Glauber's salt, also known as sodium sulfate, is a crystal of the sulfate mineral Glauber's salt after processing. It can be used to treat: anti-ribs, warming, digestion, dispelling water, diarrhea. Used for gastric swelling, swelling, dyspepsia, edema, edema, mastoid, amenorrhea, constipation In arid areas, the salt blooms and husks formed by them can often be seen.
    Production Method
    1. Take natural Glauber's salt, dissolve it with hot water, filter, and let it cool to precipitate crystals. It is commonly called sulphur salt. Then take the radish and wash and slice it, add water to the pot and boil it, add the nitrate and cook until it is completely melted, take out and filter or clarify, take the upper layer liquid, let it cool, wait for the crystals to precipitate, and dry it into mirabilite (100 kg per nitrate , Use radish 10-20 kg).
    2. Naturally produced Glauber's salt is also used, after smelting, filtering, and cooling, the upper layer of crystals is taken as Glauber's salt, and the lower layer of crystalline Glauber's salt is made of plain salt.
    Glauber's salt is processed and refined crystals. Glauber's salt crystals are short columnar or needle-shaped, and generally these crystals are gathered together into blocks and fiber clusters. They are colorless or white, with glassy luster, and melt into water. Glauber's salt will lose water in a dry environment and become a few powders, and then it is called anhydrous Glauber's salt. Glauber's salt can be used to extract chemical raw materials such as ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, sulfuric acid and sodium sulfide, and it is also an important raw material for the manufacture of washing powder. Glauber's salt is more distributed in China. Also made nitrate. Common name for sodium sulfate containing crystal water. The chemical formula is Na2SO4•10H2O. Colorless crystals, easily soluble in water. Used in leather making, glass making, alkali making industry, etc., also used as a laxative. The sulphate mineral Glauber's salt is processed and refined into crystals.
    Glauber's salt comes from "Famous Physician's Record" and "Lei Gong's Cannon Burning Theory": When making Glauber's salt, first fly over with water, drip five-fold paper on the feet, dry it in a pan, then grind it into a mortar and use it. Tao Hongjing: According to the "Shen Nong Book", there is no Glauber's salt. The later famous doctors don't say this, the treatment is the same as that of eliminating stones, and it is suspected that this is eliminating stones. Old from Ningzhou, the yellow and white grains are big and the taste is extremely hard. Ningzhou Road was cut off in a few days. Doctors nowadays mostly use boiled writers, the color is all white, the grains are fine and the taste is not strong, this cloud was born in Pu Xiao, so the author is also good. "Tang Materia Medica": The ancient prescriptions of the Jin and Song Dynasties used more stone, less glauber's salt, modern doctors, but the use of awn to eliminate stone, it is not ignorant of the ancients. "The Classic" says that he was born in Pu Xiao, one of Pu Xiao was Xiao Shi Pu, and the other one was Mang Xiao. "Kaibao Materia Medica": The awn disappears, this is from the simple elimination, the order of making the juice and refining with warm water drenching the nitrate is halved, and it is thrown in the basin. There are also those who have the appearance of white quartz, with four or five edges, white and clear and lovely. The main treatment is quite the same as that of the mang Xiao, and it is also from the simple method. Its decoction is also called horse tooth. Disappear.

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