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Enterprise goals: high-quality quality, high-quality service, high-quality benefits.
Entrepreneurship: unity, dedication, truth-seeking and innovation; adhere to people-oriented, abide by quality as the gold, build a grand foundation together, and create a famous brand in the industry
Talent concept: fairness as evidence, people-oriented, morality, and both ability and political integrity.
Development philosophy: Only the sense of worry can last forever.
Technology concept: Let the opponent always follow us.
Innovative concept: Innovate through the old, never ending.
Service concept: honesty and trustworthiness, customer first.
Team Philosophy: Wind and Team Philosophy: Shared risks, unity and cooperation.
Business philosophy: customer first, perfection and beauty; market-oriented, quality for survival, innovation for development.
Quality policy: Persist in technological progress, continuously improve quality, increase customer satisfaction, and create industry-famous brands.
Corporate style: efficient execution, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and excellence.
Business strategy: Adhere to the people-oriented, high-tech drive and management modernization strategy, and build the company into a sustainable high-quality enterprise integrating science, industry and trade.
The corporate culture of "co-creation" is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:
One is the concept of competition: competition is the source of creativity. "Co-creation" actively participates in competition and encourages competition. In the market competition, "co-creation" wins by relying on high quality and low price, high-quality service, and high credibility. In the personal development competition, "Co-Creation" insists on equal opportunities and fair competition. Regardless of seniority, do not be jealous of talents, do not distinguish between relatives and sparseness, regardless of order, only advance talents and make contributions, and insist on giving up the best. "Co-creation" not only encourages every employee to participate in the competition, but also provides equal conditions for everyone to seek development in the competition.
The second is the concept of talent: talent is a valuable asset of an enterprise. "Co-creation" puts respect for people first. For all "co-creation" employees, the company waits for people equally, is kind to them, and is able to know people, be kind, and help others to make progress. The "co-creation" employment standards are: do not avoid enemies outside, do not avoid relatives inside, do not ask for full blame, do not select talents based on perfection standards, allow people to do more work without making mistakes, and respect the privacy of employees. "Co-creation" will work hard to discover and cultivate talents; at no cost to recruit talents. Whoever enters the "co-creation", the enterprise will treat them with courtesy, entrust them with responsibility, and give them benefits. "Co-creation" strives to provide everyone with the opportunity to fully display their talents.
The third is the concept of credibility: credibility is the foundation of development. "Co-creation" advocacy: Every cadre and employee must tell the truth, do real things, be consistent with the outside and inside, be trusted, and oppose falsification and flashy. "Co-creation" advocates: treat people honestly, make friends with heart, leave room for words and do things, don't make wishes at will, don't overstate. "Co-creation" insists: Honesty first, reputation first.
The fourth is the concept of efficiency: "Co-creation" must not tolerate slack, arrogance, laziness, stagnation and inefficiency. Every "co-creation" person must be vigorous and vigorous, must work hard, dedicate himself, and give full play to his wisdom and Wit.

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